Eliminate possible injuries during a workout following our advice

Workout is essential for body’s good health condition and overall wellbeing.
According to the words of professionals, we should work out every day, or every other day. Still, you need to be careful during workout to avoid possible injuries, which could seriously affect your health.

Being healthy and looking nice is an imperative of modern type of life. To achieve that, we need to feed healthy and regularly exercise. Many people exaggerate in their goals to become fit overnight, and their body suffers the most. That is why they are subjected to many injuries and exhaustions.


What is the definition of exercise?

Exercise is an important natural mean which contains movements and efforts which encourage certain changes in the body. Depending on which goal we wish to achieve, we will choose the exercises according to that.

Be prepared for injuries

injuryAs we can see from the definition of exercise, the injuries are its integral part; it doesn’t matter if we are professional or armatures. To reduce injuries to a minimum, we must comply certain rules and principles. To activate our body and muscles, we must be psychologically ready and prepare our body for the effort; we must always know at what stage of readiness we are so that we could avoid serious injuries.


trainingA good warm-up is a key to everything. With the proper warm up, we raise the temperature of our body, ligaments and tendons, and we increase the flexibility of those structures. In this way, we will prepare our body for the effort that will come during the workout. This is especially important with the high intensive workouts.

Balanced progression

If you have balanced progression during your workout, you will save your muscles and tendons from injuries. It’s important to know how much you can load your body and always go from lighter to harder workout. If you decide to go another way around, you won’t make any results, but only hurt yourself.


Stretching your muscles is a really important part, in this way, you will recover your body and prepare it for the next session. With the stretching, our muscles become flexible and resistant to the efforts we give them.


sportPain should be your limit. Every person is different and so is the body, that’s why we should always listen to it. Our body has its defensive mechanism, and you shouldn’t do anything when you reach the pain limit because our body use that limit to notify us that we should stop.

Amino acids

Intake of amino acids protect your muscles and helps them recover from high intensive workouts. You can find amino acids in every well-equipped pharmacy; they come as pills, or as a powder.

Post workout meal

salmonPost workout meal is a popular term and by default, it means compensation after the workout. This compensation has three stages: immediate intake of fluids, electrolyte and glucose, the charge of glycogen pockets and intake of proteins. This all should be done in no more than two hours after the workout. In a period of two hours, our muscles are still stimulated by the workout, and it is the best time to charge them with these substances because they start all metabolic processes.