Toxic Soda Ingredients That Are Extremely Unhealthy

How many times have you reached for soda instead of water when you were thirsty?


Soda drinks may feel refreshing, but they dehydrate you even more, but besides this fact, they contain harmful toxic ingredients that if you knew how much damage they inflict on your general health, you wouldn’t drink another sip of this beverage. To convince you how harmful soft drinks are, we present to you a list of ingredients followed by the effects on the body that they have.

Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric AcidThis type of acid is an essential ingredient in many if not all soda drinks. They are used for providing a strong and distinctive flavor that is characteristic for soft drinks. When used in moderate amounts it doesn’t do any damage to the body, as metabolism system has ways to release the toxins from our body through sweating, liver function, etc. Extremely high doses of phosphoric acid that are found in soft drinks interfere with calcium and mineral absorption in the body. People lacking in calcium have weaker bones that become more fragile over time as the levels of calcium decrease. Deficiency in this mineral also leads to weaker and softer teeth that are more exposed to decay and cavity risk.

Corn Syrup

corn-syrupHigh fructose corn syrup, found in an enormous amount in sodas, is a highly concentrated form of sugar that derives from corn. As it is cheaper and easier to acquire than regular sugar, many companies use it for their drinks. This type of sugar contains compounds that are extremely harmful to your body, mainly because they enhance and speed up the natural process of gaining extra fat (especially in the waist area). Beside this, it is responsible for high blood sugar and the increase of triglyceride and cholesterol levels, both of which are linked to obesity problems.

Citric Acid

citric_acid_monohydrateThis type of acid found even in diet soda drinks, which the companies that manufacture them guarantee they contain harmless amounts of this acid, is another toxic ingredient that, besides the fact that it’s bad for your general health, is toxic for your oral health. The main problem is that it destroys the protective layer of the teeth, thus making the teeth more prone to cavity and tooth decay. They also affect the natural color of the teeth.


Plastic and aluminum soda bottles and cans contain a high amount of BPA that is used for hardening the plastic, preventing rust and eliminating bacteria on these materials. This chemical, as found by many health studies around 2012, is responsible for various cardiovascular problems. The exposure to BPA in even smallest amounts is extremely dangerous for our health.

This toxic chemical also interferes with reproductive organ functions in males, and in young female adults usually in puberty.

So next time you reach for soda on a hot summer day think about these chemicals and the harmful effects they have on our body, and hopefully, you will take a nice water bottle instead of coke.