Important Tips To Consider While Using Anal Bleaching Cream

Anal bleaching is simply the lightening of the skin around the anus. There are several ways of anal whitening which include the laser treatment conducted by a dermatologist, spa based treatment and the DIY procedure. It is very crucial to choose a bleaching cream that contains natural ingredients since they are safe and are purposely meant for lightening intimate parts like the penis, anus nipples, and vagina. However, the result will differ from one individual to another depending on the color and the type of the skin. Using anal bleaching cream has made a lot of people have gained confidence during intimacy.

How does the bleaching cream work?

bikiniFirst of all, you need to know that the skin darkens around the asshole area due to increased melanin production, and poor skin care habits. While using anal bleaching cream, the first thing is to clean and dry the rectal area. You can also speed up the process by using exfoliating scrub gently to avoid breaking the skin around the area. After that, apply the cream externally and rub in until it is completely absorbed. Just like any other skin lightening product, the anal bleaching cream is meant to prevent further melanin color) production during new skin cell formation. In addition to that, the cream should be applied twice daily in order to acquire the desired results. Although the type of skin determines how soon you might get the results, in normal circumstances anal lightening takes around 12 to 16 weeks for one to see the results.

What are the risks of using anal bleaching cream?

Some people tend to use a type of cream that contains ingredients such as hydroquinone which provides an immediate effect. This is very dangerous as far as your health is concerned since such products results to adverse effects such as scarring, irritation, burning as well as increasing chances of chronic disorders such as cancer. Some individuals after undergoing the procedure might encounter problems like strictures resulting to a small opening. This makes it difficult for the bowel to move and might as well lead to tearing of the anal canal.

girlAnal bleaching at home is less expensive compared to other methods, and it is also safe and efficient. For instance in most clinics and spa centers, you are charged for the initial treatment followed by several treatments and also extra cost for maintenance products. Therefore, while using anal bleaching cream, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instruction to avoid unnecessary damage to your skin.