Simple exercises that you can do

We often hear how we needed around 30-45 minutes of workout every day, but if you’re a busy person and you also have kids, doing your exercise can be quite a hassle as you come home already feeling tired. Here we have listed some simple exercises that you can do anywhere and at any time, doing these simple activities could boost your confidence, as you don’t have to feel guilty or depressed when you don’t have time for a workout.

When you’re at home

There are tons of simple exercises to do when you’re at home if you’re waiting for your cooking to boil, do some jumping jacks or a few standing push-ups. You can opt to play with your kids, like a game of tag or maybe a fun game of basketball after dinner; this will make you and your kids happier while you’re also getting the exercise you need. Doing some simple leg exercises are also a good idea before going to bed.

When you’re at work

runningIf your place is just a few minutes away from your house, why not walk instead of using your car or getting a cab over there? You’re saving yourself some money, while you’re going to feel more alert and refreshed at your workplace. When having a short conversation with your co-worker, stand up from your seat as you’re already sitting down for a long time, this will help blood to circulate in your body.


When you’re travelingyoga

If you like to travel, consider bringing your sneakers and videos of your fitness routine. Even if it’s only a short time, some exercises that you do in the hotel or the apartment is better than doing nothing at all. When at the airport, if you’re not rushing against time, you can avoid those mechanical “moving carpets.” and pushing your baggage cart is also considered an exercise.
Tip: bring your yoga mat if you’re going to do some yoga, this will save you from the dirty floor.

If you have free time

swimmingWhen on a long holiday, especially on summer, you can bring your kids to the pool to teach them how to swim. Swimming is one of the easiest and straightforward exercises to do as it uses your whole body; it helps with your lungs, your heart and also builds up body endurance.

Those are some few simple exercises that you can do anywhere and almost at any time, if you’ve done these tips you’ll feel happy, fit and also less depressed.